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Foça – Siren Rocks

Sun time at Siren Rocks… In fact, the Islands of Foça occupy an important place in the world tourism with the seals and Siren Rocks. The Islands of Foça, the home of the Mediterranean seals called “monachus-monachus” whose number doesn’t exceed 400 over...

Dikili, Çandarlı, Pitane, Kyme

Embracing the sea in Dikili… Dikili situated to the west of Anatolia lies at the coasts where the sun sets perhaps in the most decisive way. The exciting colour mixture joins to the silence of Dikili and the night covers silently the surface of the sea… Dikili 120 km....


Waking up in Şirince… Slipping out of the historical atmosphere of Selçuk and going to the village of Şirince located 8 km away over a hill covered with the olive trees means to open the doors of a very different world. The village, and old Greek settlement was evacuated...

Mother Goddess, Artemis, Virgin Mary…

The matrimonial societies of Anatolia respected the woman and created goddesses symbolising “the woman and the mother”. This faith originating from Amazons and propagating engendered the creation of many sacred sites, monuments and statues of goddesses. “The...

One of the 7 Wonders of the World: The Artemis Temple

The Artemis Temple mentioned among the 7 wonders of the world had been the biggest and the most magnificient marble building of that era. The temple considered as “the first monument” among the architectural edifices of the Antique age had a height of 350 m. and a...

The most important culture center of the Aegean region: Selçuk (Seljuk)

Selçuk located 74 km. south to Izmir hosts Ephesus which is the most precious antique city of Turkey, the House of Virgin Mary which is one of the most important pilgrimage centers on the world and the ruins of the Artemis Temple considered as one of the 7 wonders of the world....

Selçuk – Ephesus, Turkey

The splendid city established by a soothsaying… Ephesus… The most important antique city among the 12 lonian cities still standing… The trade, culture and faith center of the ancient world; the priceless legacy of the Hellene, Roman and Byzantine...

The country of the great seamen: Foça – Phokaia….

The sign of Foça on the main just after Kyme will take you until the Old Foça inside the sea like peninsula. Along the road, you will see all the tones of the blue and the light of the Aegean Sea will dazzle your eyes. Have a coffee break in the New Foça which is your first stop,...

The Archaeology Museum of Pergamon

Many archelogical findings from the Neolithic Age, Early Bronze Age, Archaic, Classic, Hellenistic and Roman ages to the Byzantine age are exhibited in the Archaeology  Museum of Pergamon. In the ethnography department of the museum, rugs, carpets, woven tissue and many examples...

Pergamon had five theatres!

The antique city of Pergamon had been such an important culture center that it had been a real architectural and artistic masterpiece with the castle, palaces, many temples, holy centers, libraries, stadium, gymnasiums, roads with columns, health center, baths, toilets, houses,...

Places to visit in Istanbul

Ayasofya Haseki Hamamı Sultan Ahmet Camii Topkapı Sarayı Yerebatan Sarnıcı Mihrimah Sultan Camii İbrahim Paşa Sarayı Şehzade Camii Süleymaniye Camii Dolmabahçe Sarayı Galata Kulesi Haliç Gülhane Parkı Kız Kulesi Rüstem Paşa Camii Bayezid Camii Yılanlı Sütun Aya İrini Yedikule...

Nice shares from Istanbul’s instagram account

German Fountain is a gift from German Emperor II. Wilhelm to the Ottoman Sultan and Istanbul. It was built in Germany and replaced in 1901 in Istanbul. 🏰 Do not forget to visit. ☺ by @just.dream.lili Istanbul Streets   “Biraz hayal biraz gerçek”. 🎁 Bu şehri daha...

Istanbul – There is not much to say

You should visit Sultanahmet area because there are awesome places in that area.. Sultanahmet Mosque, Hagia Sophia and Basilica Cistern   Quite strong history, different cultures tracks behind of its history when passed to Ottoman empire crown from Byzantine empire,...

Pergamon: The cradle of psychotherapy…

Althought founded in the 4th century in BC, Asklepion had its glorious days in the Hellenistic age and became as much famous as “the Asklepion of Hippocrates” at Kos Island. Many temples and centers had been built for Asklepion known as the God of Health and Medicine...

Pergamon – Death is forbidden to enter here!

The city of Pergamon is divided into two big spaces; one of them is the Upper Pergamon callled also Acropolis and the Lower Pergamon had been a big medical center set up for the health god Asklepion. The access to the center had been provided through the Viran Gate actually...

Pergamon – The steepest theatre of the antique age!

The theatre of Pergamon, one of the most magnificiemt edifices of the Hellenistic age greets the plain like an eagle since centuries. The theatre leaning on the west slope of the city with a too much steep incline frightening the visitors even today dates back to age of Eumenes...

Pergamon, Turkey – The city established with thousands of kilogrammes of gold!

Pergamos or Pergamon supposed to originate from a language used before Greek means “castle”. The life in PErgamon with various legends about the foundations started in the prehistoric era and dates back to the 3rd century BC. The settled culture beginning in the...

4 hiking trails in Istanbul

1- Belgrad Forest Nature Parks Located on the northern European side of Istanbul, Belgrad Forest is the largest in Istanbul; it is approximately 5,500 hectares. The forest is home to a myriad of tree, plant, mushroom, bird, and other animal species. 2- Ballıkayalar Nature Park...

Istanbul hiking trails I

hike report – 5.5.18 İmrahor (Arnavutköy) to Yayla via the İmrahor Reservoir, the Blue Ponds and Pirinççi Arnavutköy’s Northern green corridor – part 2 (Istanbul region, Thracian side, Turkey) hike #123 5.5.18 late spring, rolling hills, open landscapes, mixed...

Turkey’s largest airport will open in october

Eighty percent of the construction of the airport, which Turkey says will be one of the world’s biggest, is completed, Arslan said. The project is designed to accomodate growing traffic in a major hub. Turkey has built high-speed railways, suspension bridges and undersea...

Touristic adventures in Istanbul from Rianne Lisette

Rianne Lisette’s touristic adventures album. we saw on facebook and we love it 🙂

Watch the sunset while paragliding

Our Istanbul – Efes – Pamukkale – Ölüdeniz – Patara – Kaş – Kaputaş Beach – Kalkan Tour‘s Ölüdeniz Part .. and you must paragliding 🙂

Serenay Sarıkaya enchanted everyone with her beauty at the Cannes Film Festival

The Turkish actress, Serenay Sarıkaya, who finally presented a stellar performance in the TV series Fi, participated as the guest of honor of an ice cream brand in the 71st edition of the Cannes International Film Festival. Sarıkaya, 26, joined the party at the House of Magnum at...


Ephesus which was established as a port, was used to be the most important commercial centre. It played a great role in the ancient times with its strategic location. Ephesus is located on a very fertile valley. Ephesus, once, the trade centre of the ancient world, a religious...

Turkey’s charming places you should to go -we recommend-

1- Olympos 2- Datça/Palamutbükü 3- Didim 4- Mardin 5- Diyarbakır 6- Pamukkale 7- Kabak Koyu 8- İzmir/Foça 9- Ayvalık 10- Bozcaada 11- Kapadokya 12- İstanbul/Kadıköy  

Top 4 places in Istanbul

Dem Karaköy Istanbul is a wonderful place where Karaköy is considered as the best place for tea drinkers. FilBooks An informative and pleasing place full of photo books. Kev Cafe One of the best places in fashion. An ideal place for all your meal meals. The place is both ample...

Things to do in Istanbul

Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Camii) Sultan Ahmed I was determined to build a mosque that rivaled the nearby Hagia Sophia, and most would agree that he accomplished this task – or, at least, came close. Since the early 1600s, the Blue Mosque has been quite the sight to behold, with an...