7 Antique City Tours in Turkey

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  • 5 Days
  • Anatolia
Tour Details

Embark on a mesmerizing 4-day journey with Anas Crecca Travel, where history comes alive in the heart of Turkey’s ancient world. Our “7 Antique City Tours in Turkey” is designed for enthusiasts of archaeology, history, and culture, offering an unparalleled exploration of Turkey’s most significant ancient cities.

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  • All the Transports (Starting from İstanbul and Finishing to İstanbul)
  • Transfers from Hotel to Airport/Vice Versa
  • Accomodation in Hotels 4 or 5 Stars Breakfast Included
  • Entrance Fees and Tickets for All the Sites and Museums Visited
  • Expert English-Speaking Tourist Guide

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  • Personal Expenses

Day 1Smyrna – Pergamum

Upon your arrival at Izmir airport, our journey begins. Our first destination is the ancient city of Smyrna, along with the notable Smyrna church. It is believed that Smyrna’s Christian community was founded during Paul’s ministry in Ephesus, as suggested by Acts 19:10. The letter to Smyrna, found in the New Testament, highlights the stark contrast between the city’s allegiance to Rome and the faith of its Christian residents.

Following Smyrna, we venture to Pergamum, a city renowned for its devotion to Dionysus, Zeus, and a pantheon of pagan deities. The communication to Pergamum’s church comes directly from Jesus Christ, aimed at the church’s “angel” or messenger. As stated in Revelation 2:12, “And to the angel of the church in Pergamum write: ‘These are the words of him who has the sharp, double-edged sword.'” This message, emphasizing Jesus’s depiction with a sharp, two-edged sword, symbolizes His readiness to execute judgment, echoing the imagery found in Revelation 1:16.

In Pergamum you will have the most unforgettable experience with the Acropolis and the Grand Theater. We will visit the Red Basilica, once a pagan temple and later converted into a Christian church. Finally, we will walk through the Asclepion of Pergamon, the most famous ancient medical center in the world. Transfer and overnight in Smyrna.

Day 2Thyatira – Sardis – Phidadelphia

After departing from Smyrna, our next stop is Thyatira. In Revelation 2:18-29, we find Jesus’s message to the church of Thyatira, a prosperous city located along the Lycus River in what is now modern-day Turkey. Noted for its reference in the Book of Revelation, Thyatira is criticized for tolerating the false teachings of a figure named Jezebel. It’s one of the Seven Churches that the Book of Revelation addresses, highlighting its significant religious history.

Continuing our journey, we head to Sardis, another pivotal city among the Seven Churches of Revelation. The message to Sardis, detailed in Revelation 3:1-6, marks it as a historically rich and well-fortified city, once the capital of the ancient Lydian kingdom. The message, conveyed by Jesus through an angel or messenger, underscores the spiritual vigilance and renewal needed by the church. Sardis is also known for its archaeological sites, including the Temple of Artemis, the Gymnasium, and the Synagogue, all of which we will explore.

Our tour then takes us to Philadelphia, the recipient of the sixth letter in Revelation 3:7-13. Situated on the Imperial Post Road, Philadelphia was an important city in Asia Minor, playing a key role in trade routes. Known for its steadfast faith, the Philadelphian church receives commendation in the Book of Revelation for its loyalty and endurance.

The day concludes with a transfer to Pamukkale, where we will spend the night, resting and preparing for the adventures that await us the next day.

Day 3Hierapolis – Laodicea

Start your day with breakfast at the hotel before setting off to explore Hierapolis, an ancient city renowned for its sacred history. Known as the “Holy City,” Hierapolis was spread the gospel by Paul and his companion Epaphras. Next on our itinerary is Pamukkale, also called the “cotton castle.” This UNESCO World Heritage site is celebrated for its thermal springs and stunning white terraced basins, offering a unique natural spa experience.

Following our visit to Hierapolis, we’ll proceed to Laodicea, the recipient of the seventh and final letter in the Book of Revelation, addressed to the churches of Asia Minor (Revelation 3:14-22). Laodicea, once a prosperous and bustling city in the Phrygia province of the Lycos Valley, is known for its significant archaeological sites, including a stadium and columned streets, that stand testament to its historical wealth and industry.

Our day concludes with a transfer to Kuşadası, where we will spend the night, allowing for rest and reflection on the day’s journey through these ancient and spiritually significant sites.

Day 4Ephesus

Today, we dedicate our exploration to the ancient city of Ephesus, located on the western coast of Asia Minor, by the Cayster River. Ephesus, renowned for its Temple of Diana (or Artemis), was a major pilgrimage center attracting devotees from across the Mediterranean. The city’s spiritual and architectural legacy offers a window into the past where mythology and history intertwine.

Our tour includes a visit to the Great Theatre, famously referenced in Acts 19:29-31, where public gatherings and performances echoed the city’s vibrant cultural life. We’ll marvel at the Fountain of Trajan and the Library of Celsus, symbols of Ephesus’ rich intellectual heritage. The journey continues to the serene House of the Virgin Mary and the Basilica of St. John, erected over what is believed to be the saint’s tomb, marking these sites as cornerstones of early Christian history.

The Museum of Ephesus will be our final stop, offering an intimate view of the artifacts that have shaped our understanding of this ancient city. As the day concludes, we’ll transfer back to Kuşadası for an overnight stay, reflecting on the timeless beauty and historical depth of Ephesus.

Day 5End of Tour

Transfer to Izmir airport and end of our services.